Thursday, March 6, 2008

Alcohol and Hydrogen Peroxide

Rubbing or Isopropyl Alcohol is the big secret that all the sites on the internet want you to pay to discover. I paid to discover and that's how I know. It is an effective method for eliminating odor from the armpits. You get a cotton square dipped in Alcohol and vigorously rub your armpit. After the Alcohol scent disapates you have nice and clean smelling armpits. The only downside to this is that there isn't any lasting protection. Alcohol evaporates quickly and bacteria starts forming again almost immediately. I find this as a great solution when I need a quick clean for my armpits and don't have time for a shower. Of course I apply antiperspirant after the alcohol has evaporated.

Hydrogen Peroxide is similar in effect to that of Alcohol. It does an effective job of killing off armpit bacteria and leaving you with clean armpits. It's only drawback is that Hydrogen Peroxide has a strong medical odor. You won't smell like stinky armpit, but you will smell like a hospital. It's effects quickly wear off just like Alcohol.

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