Thursday, March 6, 2008

Drysol prescription antiperspirant

Drysol is a prescription type solution to stop sweating and body odor. On the internet it can be purchased without a prescription. This works by basically swelling or closing your pores in your armpit. It's effective and works, you can feel your armpit sucking up like a lemon. After a weeks application I almost completely stopped sweating and smelling. The downside was that on week 2 I started getting soreness and a rash under my arms. By the 3rd week it was so painful and irritated I had to stop taking the solution.

I suppose if you moderate how often you took the medication you could prevent rashes while still maintaining odor protection. You apply the lotion at bedtime and are supposed to wear tight shirts or plastic wrap around your armpits. I found the rash side effects and tight shirts annoying so I stopped using the solution. However, I still have it in my medicine closet in case I'm in need of a full proof yet temporary odor solving solution.

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