Thursday, March 6, 2008

Odor free clothing

Believe it or not the type of clothing you wear can drastically effect how you smell throughout the day. First off I find that looser clothing around the armpit is better. It allows airflow and keeps things cooler. Secondly is the type of fabric you wear. Certain fabrics are excellent at not absorbing odor while others stink up very easily. Here are the fabrics:

Polyester and Nylon:
Synthetic fabrics are the worst. They start stinking up in about 2-3 hours. It's funny, most of our active wear tends to absorb odor the worst. It just so happens that it's breathable and wicks away sweat so it's good for sports, but not good for staying odor free.

Natural fibers are the way to go. Cotton will last you all day long. However after 12 hours it's ready to put in the hamper.

Man, no wonder sheep love this stuff so much. You can wear wool for days and days on end and it will not stink one bit. Wool just doesn't absorb odor, it's great. Wool is getting much less itchy these days especially with clothing brands like Icebreaker.

Now let me clarify, I'm not suggesting that proper clothing will keep you from smelling. Proper clothing will just keep itself from smelling. Also, I'm not suggesting that you go out and buy an entire wool wardrobe. But if you're going out on a special date, you may want to swap that cool retro Polyester shirt for a lightweight Merino wool sweater.

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